April 15th, 2012 by EvHart

Libraries and Frameworks:

  • Sparks Gravity:  A scalable/realtime asynchronous RDF feature computation engine.(2012-)
  • Sparks Prism:  A JavaScript RDF filtering library using SPARQL fragments.(2008-)


  • Q&A: A Question/Answering vocabulary that enables the representation of Q&A datasets. (2011-)
  • Veracity: The veracity ontology allows trust to be placed in web content by web users and agents. Veracity approach differs from current work by allowing the trustworthiness of web content to be asserted through the provision of machine readable proofs. Veracity is developed in collaboration with A E Cano, M Rowe & A Sosa. (2009-2010)
  • CURIO: CURIO is designed for managing the collaborative discussion of user generated resources in a unified and collaborative fashion. CURIO is the principal knowledge model of the WeKnowIt project. (2008-2011)


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