Introducing Sparks Prism

In the recent years, research in Semantic Web technologies has increased tremendously leading in the public availability of large RDF datasets. From DBpedia to Government data, large semantic graph can now be queried through SPARQL endpoints. Unfortunately, the creation of user friendly applications that leverage such large mount of knowledge remains complex. Despite the existence of differ- ent toolkits for accessing such data, few concentrate on efficient and user friendly techniques for filtering and selecting data of interest. In particular, there is no known system that provide a SPARQL based filtering framework that enables the creation of user friendly filtering user interfaces and do not require particular server side dependencies besides a SPARQL endpoint.

Sparks Prism is a versatile semantic filtering framework developed in JavaScript. Contrary to existing frameworks, Prism can be extended and customised for fitting the needs of a particular application. Additionally, Prism is the first JavaScript filtering framework that strictly adheres to the RDF format and uses SPARQL fragments for performing filtering tasks.

Prism has been successfully used in different applications such as the WeKnowIt explorer, Topica and the Robust SAP Forum explorer.

For more information, please visit the project website or download the code on github.